Facebooks Dominating Globe

Facebooks Dominating Globe

Facebooks dominating globe with half of the worlds online users now login in to the social media giant.

Facebook. Facebooks Dominating Globe. Image is of the ape to man structure with the final piece being the letter F for Facebook.

Half of the world’s estimated online population now check in to the social networking giant Facebook at least once a month.

Facebook said the number of people who use it at least monthly grew 13% to 1.49 billion in the three months to the end of June.

The number is equal to half of the three billion people who use the internet.

Of those users, it said well over half, 65%, were now accessing Facebook daily.

The rise in monthly active users helped drive second quarter revenue up 39% year-on-year to $4.04bn (£2.6bn).

Mobile advertising was the biggest factor, accounting for more than three quarters of the total as Facebooks dominating globe and numbers rise.

In the US, the company said people were now spending more than one out of every five minutes on their phones on Facebook.

As well as keeping an eye on the short term gains they’re also keeping an eye on the long term.

Facebook boss said it was a “strong quarter”, but its shares fell more than 3% in after hours trading yet still Facebooks dominating globe.

The share price drop was linked to the high expectations for the firm as well as concern over its high expenses.

Facebook shares, which are currently trading at around $97 a share, have risen 24% so far this year.

Facebook said that costs for the quarter had surged by 82% to a hefty $2.8bn.

As a result, net income fell 9.1% to $719m – equal to 25 cents a share – but the firm said if various expenses were excluded, earnings would have been 50 cents a share.

They warned in April that expenses could rise by up to 65% due to various costs in new staff, changes in mobile revenue and the cost of improving products such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

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But it said expenses would now be lower than expected, at up to 60% higher.
They also said it would start selling its Oculus Rift 3D headset in the first three months of next year.

3D content is the obvious next thing after video as Facebooks dominating globe with more than one social media platform and you can find us on most if not all of them.

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